Plywood Manufacturers in Maharashtra

Caliber Plywoods, as the name suggests, is one of the rapidly growing plywood manufacturers that exemplifies quality, perfection, and reliability. We are one of the top-rated Plywood Manufacturers in Mumbai, Maharashtra, engaged in manufacturing and supplying a range of affordable plywood products of optimum quality.

Our plywood comes with three or more layers of veneer that give strength to the plywood product. These veneers are of high-quality logs that are mechanically dried. Each layer of veneer is properly glued with at right angles to form a balanced construction. Veneers from high-quality logs are mechanically dried and they undergo stress relieving processes, which are assembled in such a way to form a balanced construction.

Serial Test ISI Requirement Observed Value
1. Dimensional Changes caused by Humidity
(A) Changes, mm from 65% RH to 90% RH from 65% RH to 40% RH +1mm Max -1mm Max +0.50mm _0.55mm
(B) Local Planeness Less than 150 Less than 1/175
(C) At the Extreme Range of Humidity No De-Laminates at the Extreme Range of Humidity No De-Lamination Observed
2. Adhesion of the Plies Minimum Pass Standard Excellent
3. Resistance to Water (72 hours Boiling) No De-Laminates after 72 hours Boiling No De-Laminates
4. Resistance to Micro Organisms No Appreciable Sign of Separation at Edges No Separation at Edges
5. Modulus of Elasticity Min.5000 N/ No Separation at Edges
6. Modulus of Rupture Min.50 N/ 61 N/

As one of the leading Plywood Manufacturers in Pune, Maharashtra, we are committed to adding value to the plywood industry by providing the finest grade plywood. Our range of plywood products comprises blockboards, molded designer doors, flush doors, and more. All these products are made by our professionals using high-quality proven wood and ultramodern machines in line with international quality standards.

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • High resistance to impact
  • High strength and stability
  • Good thermal and noise insulator
  • No shrinking, swelling, and wrapping
  • Resistance to water, chemicals, fire, and heat
  • Flexibility in shape, size, and thickness
  • Perfect fit for every requirement
  • Of a fire-resistant chemical coating
  • Non-combustible materials like plasterboard or fibrous cement
  • Environmentally friendly that reduces wastage of wood
  • Due to various features and qualities, our plywood products are in demand in Mumbai, Maharashtra. You can buy a variety of plywood from one of the renowned plywood manufacturers in Mumbai, Pune, Maharashtra to enhance the interior decor of your office, living room, kitchen, bedroom. Being one of the established plywood manufacturers in Pune, Caliber provides you with products that are widely appreciated for its toughness, reduced maintenance, and stain resistance quality. Further, we supply plywood in customized options related to texture and color.

    Application Areas

    Being one of the leading plywood manufacturers in Maharashtra, we make sure our plywood products are a perfect fit for a range of application areas. You can buy our products for application areas, such as Ceilings in Public Rooms and Corridors, Partition and Paneling, Floor Underlayment, Bus and truck Bodies, Computer Rooms Furniture, Railway Coaches, Sign Boards, Milk Booths, insert in Panel Doors, Storage Racks.

    Our Professionals and Infrastructure

    Caliber is a team of highly dynamic, hardworking, and self-motivated experts that handle our entire business operations with top expertise and dedication. We work in close contact with customers under their requirements and seek their valuable feedback.

    Besides, Caliber maintains a large and fully facility infrastructure to support and cater to the demand for high-quality, and reliable plywood products. If you have a knack for enhancing the interior decor of your room or office, let’s get together to have the best quality plywood in Mumbai, Pune, Maharashtra.

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