Plywood Manufacturers in Gujarat

Among solid building materials, plywood has turned to rank among the top eye-catching building materials in Gujarat, India. It has brought out a massive difference in the wood industry due to various beneficial features and properties. Plywood is a wonderful combination of strongness, long-lasting, and cost-effectiveness.

With all these in mind, Caliber, one of the well-recognized Plywood Manufacturers in Surat, manufactures, produces, and supplies the best quality plywood. Plywood is typically engineered wood made by stacking various layers of wood veneers. We are committed to producing hard, soft, and tropical plywood making them a perfect fit for different usages. We make this plywood using high-quality natural wood.

Being one of the recognized plywood manufacturers in Ahemadabad, Gujarat, we manufacturer plywood with the bonding process and

finest rating wood in order to come up with an exclusive range of products. Our plywood has thin layers of wood that get bonded together using an adhesive. We make these layers of ply with the complete orientation of its grains with pieces at the right angle.

Serial Test ISI Requirement Observed Value
1. Dimensional Changes caused by Humidity
(A) Changes, mm from 65% RH to 90% RH from 65% RH to 40% RH +1mm Max -1mm Max +0.50mm _0.55mm
(B) Local Planeness Less than 150 Less than 1/175
(C) At the Extreme Range of Humidity No De-Laminates at the Extreme Range of Humidity No De-Lamination Observed
2. Adhesion of the Plies Minimum Pass Standard Excellent
3. Resistance to Water (72 hours Boiling) No De-Laminates after 72 hours Boiling No De-Laminates
4. Resistance to Micro Organisms No Appreciable Sign of Separation at Edges No Separation at Edges
5. Modulus of Elasticity Min.5000 N/ No Separation at Edges
6. Modulus of Rupture Min.50 N/ 61 N/

Standard Features of Our Plywood

A leading Plywood Manufacturer in Gujarat, we make sure our plywood comes with the primary features to meet the quality standard of the industry:

  • Reasonably priced
  • These are the termite-free plywoods
  • High strength, stability, and resistance to impact
  • Most durable and long-lasting plywoods
  • Resistance to chemicals, water, heat, and fire
  • Options of custom shape, size, and thickness
  • No shrinking, wrapping, and swelling
  • No wastage of wood due to environmentally friendly property
  • At Caliber, our professionals give shapes to plywood by pressing them into the larger flat sheet probably that let them be suitable for building construction.

    Application Areas

    One of the trusted Plywood Manufacturers in Ahmedabad, we can rest assured that our plywood is suitable for all most every application area, such as making of furniture, aircraft, boats, etc. They are an optimum choice for structural framework, windows, drywall/partition wall, manufacturing of doors, décor items, etc.

    Let’s initiate contact with Caliber in Gujarat if you are searching for one of the well-established plywood manufacturers in Gujarat.

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