Doors Manufacturers in Gujarat

The entrance of your homes offers the first experience to visitors. It creates lasting impressions on them. If the entrance doors are not elegantly attractive or done in very bad shape, they will remain unnoticed and visitors will have a very bad first experience. Indeed, doors play a very significant role. They are important elements of your home. They should aesthetically be pleasing and come with excellent features such as durability, strength, and heat and water resistance. Caliber doors let you have a beautiful collection of doors, putting a long-lasting expression on your visitors. One of the fastest-growing Doors Manufacturers in Surat, Gujarat, we manufacture and supply a wide variety of quality doors.

Serial Test ISI Requirement Observed Value
1. Dimension Length, Width-+5mm Thickness -+1mm Within limits
2. Squareness Deviation not more than 1mm on a Length of 500mm Deviation below 1mm
3. General Flatness Twist, Cupping, Warping not to Exceed 6mm -
4. Local Planeness Depth of Deviation at any Point to be Less than 0.5mm Within Limits
5. Impact Indentation Test Depth of Indentation not to Exceed 0.2mm Within Limits
6. Edge Loading Test Deflection of Edge with Max. To be Less than 5mm Within limits
7. Shock Resistance Test No Visible Defect after Test No Visible Defects
8. Blocking Test Initial Deflection - < 50mm Residual Deflection - < 5mm Within Limits
9. Slamming Test No Visible Damage after Test No Visible Damage
10. Misuse Test No Deformation after Test No Deformation
11. Varying Humidity Test No Visible Warping, Twisting or De-Lamination No such Defects Observed
12. End Immersion Test No De-Lamination at the end No De-Lamination
13. Knife Test Minimum Pass Standard Excellent
14. Glue Adhesion Test No De-Lamination No De-Lamination
15. Screw Withdraw Test Load to Withdraw Screw to be more than 1000 N Load ->1000 N

With our collection of doors available for sale, you are able to choose the best quality doors that are not mere wooden structures created to protect, but they bring to you countless possibilities that life has in store for us. So, browse through this page or get in touch with us to through Calier Doors. We will provide you with a range of doors for entrance, room, all, balcony, etc. When it comes to craftsmanship, durability, strength, design, and hand finish, our doors are custom fit to every varied requirement.

Caliber Doors

At Caliber, we manufacture every type of doors using prime quality material that guarantees optimum quality performance. As one of the best Door Manufacturers in Ahemadabad, Surat, Gujarat, we conduct regular tests in our ultramodern infrastructure to make sure constant quality control. Our experts inspect the doors at every state and ensure only superior quality products are manufactured and supplied to customers. As an outcome, our doors are perfectly fine and equipped with industry-centric qualities to stand the test of time.

Qualitative Features

All our doors are manufactured using high-density farm timbers. One of the leading Doors Manufacturers in Ahmedabad and Surat in Gujarat, we make certain that every piece of doors chemically treated and well seasoned. We use glues on edges to make them durable and long-lasting. Similarly, the doors are dimensionally treated and well seasoned for enhanced durability. Our professionals use special formulations of chemicals to Poison the Glue Line Against Borers and Fungus. Not only this, but we also give External Preservative Treatment for making Doors Perfectly Resistant to all the Micro-Organisms.

Feel free to contact us if you are searching for one of the renowned Door Manufacturers in Gujarat. We will provide you with doors of different sizes, colors, and thicknesses.

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