Decorative Plywood Door Manufacturers

Decorative plywood, also known as fancy plywood, is typically made from layers of good-looking wood veneer (plies), such as maple, red oak, Sapele, ash, teak walnut, beech, cheery. As one of the fastest-growing Decorative Plywood & Doors Manufacturers in India, we manufacture, distribute, and supply decorative plywood at wholesale prices. The plywood that we supply is manufactured using well-chosen layers that are affixed along. The plywood features a strong aesthetic appeal. Also, our plywood comes with the quality of beauty and strength of real wood that saves natural resources.

Standard Features

Ranking top among Decorative Plywood & Doors Manufacturers in India, we make sure our ply comes with all the standard features that make them unique in the market. Some of the key features are:

  • Anti Borer
  • Termite resistance
  • Excellent surface for matt and gloss
  • Suitable for applications like furnishing and paneling
  • Quality to give an exclusive touch to interiors
  • Long-lasting
  • Hard-wearing finish
  • Our plywood is the perfect option to be used in places where the appearance of plywood is the most priority. That is because we construct plywood with good looking appearance. They are flat, smooth, and look beautiful. Moreover, we as one of the renowned Decorative Plywood Manufacturers make plywood keeping in mind international standards and cater to the industry norms, giving an elegant feeling of having the dream come true designs.
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