These are made out of the excellent quality of Plantation Timbers. Logs are quarter swan into Planks using the SDR method, which is chemically treated and well seasoned before converting into battens in multiple ripsaws. Battens are sandwiched between two glued mechanically dried veneers and are pressed in the hot press under accurate temperature and pressure. Quarter sawing of logs and proper seasoning of planks make it dimensionally stable and treatment of planks, poisoning of glue line and preservative treatment of finished block board make caliber plywood durable and safe against borers.

-: Application Areas :-

Cabinets, Almirahs and Other Furniture, Door Partitions, Shelves, and Other Interior Applications, Roofing, Fencing, and Other External Applications.


Serial Test ISI Requirement Observed Value
1. Dimensional Changes caused by Humidity
(A) Changes, mm from 65% RH to 90% RH from 65% RH to 40% RH +1mm Max -1mm Max +0.50mm _0.55mm
(B) Local Planeness Less than 150 Less than 1/175
(C) At the Extreme Range of Humidity No De-Laminates at the Extreme Range of Humidity No De-Lamination Observed
2. Adhesion of the Plies Minimum Pass Standard Excellent
3. Resistance to Water (72 hours Boiling) No De-Laminates after 72 hours Boiling No De-Laminates
4. Resistance to Micro Organisms No Appreciable Sign of Separation at Edges No Separation at Edges
5. Modulus of Elasticity Min.5000 N/ No Separation at Edges
6. Modulus of Rupture Min.50 N/ 61 N/

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